gnomon Perpetual Flip Calendar

Object / 2021
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Despite emails and text messages, people write letters with hand. Yet e-books are convinient, many people still prefer reading paper books. Tiny changes and movements within our hand makes experience special and familiar. In the world where efficiency is the most valuable asset, busy people are sitting on same desk, using same pen, and same note. Opening up you day through a slight flick with your fingertip will make your day special. 
Design Concept

The Perpetual Flip Calendar is an analog calendar that was used before the occur of digital calendars. ‘gnomon’ resembles the mechanism of perpetual calendar, which changes its date by simply rotating the head part of the calander. It does not require any other power source except your interaction through fingers. The heaviness, the unique sound it makes when flipping the date, matrials such as brass and acrilic body hamonizes your new experience.

Design Process

Reinterpretation of the perpetual flip calendar, the calander of past, gnomon shows the calendar with modern design sense. To embrace unique user experience, gnomon went through collaboration with Euljiro artisans, numerous prototyping, solid branding, and marketing as well. gnomon, while inheriting the mechanical structure of perpetual flip calendar, has born as an attractive design object with completely different meterials and appearance. ​​​​​​​


The ‘g’ symbol, designed with a formative idea from the side view of gnomon is a powerful element to express the brand. And the use of the bold ‘Avenir Next typeface’ along with the symbol implies the analog feeling of the 1920s and thecolorful identity of gnomon.
Numerics, as an important element of the calendar, are directly lettered in three types. Each product conveys a different charm by carefully considering the color match of gnomon's body and brass cylinder.

Designed by

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