23' Gnomon Perpetual Flip Calendar (gnomon revised)

Object / 2023
Designed by above.studio

gnomon is a desktop calendar object that can refresh the beginning of your day. You can flip the day with your finger, which will change the date accompanied by a satisfying click sound. In the midst of the daily repetition, this small change made by your fingertips can bring the delight of embracing a new day. 

Mass Production
Previous version of gnomon was made by local craftsmen, which was created with hands. In order to mass produce gnomon, detail parts of the calendar needed revisions. The joints and acrylic housings were redesigned to meet the requirements of mass production. 
This way it did not only made the process simple, but also reduced the costs. 

Made with your favorite combination of ice cream, POPSICLE will make your day special and flavorful. 

Shimmering like a glass of CHAMPAGNE, the gold calendar case, brass, and clear body completes the minimal and serene outlook. 
Misty Lake

Clear, emerald-like body and gold calendar case creates the tranquil environment of a MISTY LAKE. 
Vin Chaud

Throw back to the elegant warmth of a warm VIN CHAUD next to a green Christmas tree. 

The fresh, green calendar case adds life to the warm, sunsetting orange, bringing you to the placid PAMPAS. 
Gentle Forest

Like a golden ray through the deep GENTLE FOREST, the green body, gold calendar case, and brass creates the tranquility. 

Refreshing blue calendar case with a citrusy lemon body will cool you down like a glass of LEMONADE. 
Autumn Dhalia

With the mature green leaves, AUTUMN DHALIA blooms to bring you the flowery autumn. 
Designed by above.studio

Copyright ⓒ 2023 All rights reserved.

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